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Next Level Program is a structured training program directly on your smartphone. We have different options for training between 3-6 weekly sessions.
We believe in planning! Random training gives random results. Preparing for something random, is not the same as preparing randomly. As such we plan and structure the program so you can improve your predictor lifts and aerobic base, which is what matters when you’re thrown into a random challenge. The science of strength and conditioning has stood the test of time, and we believe in integrating this science into our functional fitness program. Thus we use a variety of periodization models backed by science to get the most out of our training sessions.


Predictor lifts are certain movements, that if improved have a large potential to improve your overall functional fitness...

Structural Balance

We believe in training the body in a symmetrical manner, always making sure to strengthen the weak links and antagonistic...

Polarized Training

Vo2max is an important predictor for functional fitness performance, which has even been shown in newer research...

Made by Athletes & Nerds

Torben has been one of the best boxers worldwide with a 5th place finish in the world championships, and...

Our Coaches

“There is a big difference between preparing for something random, and preparing randomly”

Torben Keller

Cardiovascular Training

Former professional boxer very experienced in cardiovascular training. Educated personal trainer and co-owner and founder of CrossFit North 579.

Rasmus Thorø

Strength Training

Former gymnast holding a masters degree in sports science. Tons of coaching experience and education in gymnastics, strength & conditioning & weightlifting.

Member Testimonials

This is me after almost every workout after I started following Next Level Program I have improved so much, not only strength, but also my endurance and gymnastic skills. I can highly recommend you to go sign up if you want to be better at almost everything and the feeling of unlocking a new skills is fucking amazing. No advertising just a really good advice 😉

Camilla Vigel

Next Level Program has given me structure and focus in my training. The different sessions make it easy for me to vary my training during the week, no matter if I train 3 or 6 days that week. I cover my bases of strength in the lower and upper body, weightlifting, gymnastics, WODS and cardio training. And you can’t neglect the price either.

Stine Bendix
our member

I’ve searched for a long time, for a program that gave me structure but also was varied. I needed something to challenge me in the right areas and I’ve definitely found that in Next Level Program. Huge high-five to the team for challenging me mentally and physically again and again. 👋🏻

Stine Haslev
our member

Thank you for your awesome programs! 😊 I have previously had a personal trainer, and I’ve set a lot more PRs on your programs in both weightlifting and strength lifts. Especially the new back squat program has given me an easy PR at 97,5kg. Previously 92kg. Awesome.

Vibeke Fanoe
Our Member

Membership Subscription

Next Level Program is for people who want a structured training program for strength, cardio, workouts, weightlifting & gymnastics. The program is primarily focused on intermediate to elite level, but include scaling so it can be tailored to your level. We provide different options for training 3-6x weekly and biasing the program to your needs.

$19,90Per Month


Full Access To Next Level Program
4 weekly available strength sessions
2 weekly cardio sessions and 3 workouts
Weightlifting, gymnastics & skill work
Access to workout log on SugarWOD

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